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Your needs

You wish to:

·         Avail of a reliable assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by your activities

·         Know and display the carbon footprint of your products to make them more competitive

·         Anticipate future regulations on environmental product labelling by assessing the impact of a product on one or more indicators

·         Know the environmental impact of your products throughout their life cycle and initiate an eco-design approach

·         Avail of decision analysis and help tools to drive your carbon performance

·         Mobilize your staff around the theme of climate change

·         Control the global cost of energy over the long term

·         Put renewable energies in place

Our know-how

·         Carbon footprint of structures (Carbon Footprint®)

We are No. 1 in France in performing Carbon Footprinting® (source: Ademe), with over 10% of the Bilans Carbone® performed by consultancy firms. We perform all types of Bilans Carbone®: corporate, property and services, territory. Climat Mundi consultants are closely monitoring the work by AFNOR on the international standard ISO 14069 (footprinting and reporting of organizations greenhouse gases).

We provide support and calculate footprints based on your carbon diagnoses. Support is provided in the form of methodological assistance and validation of the various successive steps in a carbon diagnosis:

o    Study perimeter,

o    Data collection,

o    Processing and presentation of the diagnosis,

o    Proposal of an action plan.

We calculate the carbon footprint based on the diagnosis you have performed. We give you an outside perspective on compliance with associated frameworks, the reliability and limits of the work performed.

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·         Environmental impact of products and environmental labelling

Our consultants also carry out the assessment of carbon or multi-criteria footprints of products (goods or services). They closely monitor AFNOR's work on the international standard ISO 14067 (carbon footprint of products) and take an active part in work groups.

We develop carbon calculators tailored to your business and delivering:

o    A detailed view of the different manufacturing posts

o    A configuration on all levels (raw materials, country of production, processes used, utilization...)

o    A kgCO2/item, m², etc display, for the labelling of your products.

At your request we can also include other information: water and energy consumption, production of waste, etc.

We develop carbon calculators tailored to your products and services. Our tools give you a detailed view of the different manufacturing posts, A configuration on all levels (materials, processes, utilization...) and a kgCO2/item, m², etc display enabling your products to be labelled. We also include other information if necessary (water, energy, waste, etc.). We perform Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) then we help you eco-design your products. In the context of regulated environmental product labelling, we support you in collecting your data, assessing the impacts via the indicators specific to your sector, and to the display of the results, in compliance with the framework BP X 30-323 and sector frameworks.

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·         Setup of carbon reporting software solutions

Extension of Carbon Footprinting®, computerization of carbon reporting makes for smoother collection and update of data, increases information reliability and generates elaborate reporting in a way that is really integrated into the life of the company.

We support you in selecting and implementing a solution adapted to your needs.

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·         Training

Climat Mundi is currently a trainer listed by Ademe for Bilans Carbone®. Thus we have already led 40 training sessions and trained over four hundred professionals. We have also co-led a trainer training session with Ademe.

We also regularly dispense in both French and English training courses on the greenhouse effect, the specificities of clean emission sources to different professions and the setting up emission calculation solutions in companies. We provide training courses on the main climate/energy subjects.

Climat Mundi is a training organization.

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·         Energy control

Climat Mundi performs existing energy installation diagnoses helping you to assess energy needs and quantifies your structure's dependency on fossil energy resources.

Climat Mundi also helps you to put an energy action plan in place.


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