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You wish to control the global cost of energy over the long term:

  • Analyze costs and energy flows on your premises
  • Identify the sources of excess consumption for the activity concerned
  • Identify ways to progress and set energy consumption and carbon emission targets
  • Study the potential for setting up renewable energies
  • Put an energy-carbon action plan in place

Our know-how

We perform the diagnosis:

  • Analysis of energy consumption for an existing installation
  • Assess energy needs (heating, hot water, ventilation, lighting, other) on the basis of real project data (U coefficient), a target to be reached (HPE, THPE, BBC, BPos) or hypotheses based on the age of the buildings
  • Quantification of dependency on fossil energy resources and economic vulnerability with regard to increases in the cost of these resources
  • Identification of room for maneuver and directions for progress
  • Take account of the specific topographic or geographic characteristics of the project

We help you put an energy action plan in place:

  • Study on the potential of setting up renewable energies
  • Proposed deployment scenarios for renewable energy sources
  • Comparative analysis of the various scenarios:
  • Quantitative: risks, opportunities
  • Qualitative: costs (investment, operation, global), VAN, return time, profitability, greenhouse gas emissions avoided, cost per ton of CO2 avoided
  • Owner assistance in implementing the action plan
  • Decision-support for the investment schedule






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