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Our CSR commitment

Climat Mundi came about in 2006 from the conviction shared by its two founders of the need to act to keep the planet inhabitable for future generations. As a result, the company's day to day practices are marked by this conviction and all employees hired since adhere to this approach.

Our commitment is 3 fold. Here are some examples of our daily practices:



  • Commuting : All the staff in our three offices come to work by public transport, car-pooling or bike for Paris, on foot or bike for Grenoble and Nantes. Yet in CMundi's Paris offices four staff members live in the suburbs.
  • Specific air conditioning and electricity : Little heating in Winter (19°C and a pull-over if required). No air-conditioning in Summer. We use ventilators.
  • Paper consumptionWe buy recycled paper with the smallest possible carbon footprint (Evolve Everyday 80 g/m2 100% recycled from M-Real, with a carbon footprint of 265 kgeqCO2/ton, compared to 1,320 kgeqCO2/ton on average (source Ademe Carbon Footprint®).

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  • Social protection : Climat Mundi has signed an agreement with a mutual insurance company enabling staff to benefit from extensive social protection with the company taking on a substantial part of the cost.
  • Working conditions : CMundi takes special care in providing comfortable day to day working conditions (Desks are height-adjustable, chairs are ergonomic and height-adjustable, screens are raised by means of special supports to improve reading comfort).

  • Daily life : A kitchen area is available to all staff. Hot drinks (coffee, tea,…) are freely available to all.

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  1. Help the carbon consultancy profession to move forward : Eric PARENT sits on the executive committee of the Association des Professionnels du Conseil Carbone (APCC). This association was set up recently. It addresses the need for a structure grouping carbon consultancy professionals in a context in which frameworks are multiplying and stake-holders changing.

  2. Support to organic agriculture and fair trade : The vast majority of everyday consumer products purchased by the company are organic and from fair trade producers.

  3. Colibri Company : Climat Mundi is a member and supports the Colibris association, Movement for the Earth and Humanism founded by Pierre Rabhi ( As such, CMundi is a Colibri entrepreneur.
  4. Participation in City life:
    • Movement of social entrepreneurs : CMundi supports the social entrepreneurs movement. Eric Parent was present at the launch of the movement on 4 February 2009 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

    • Centre of young business leaders : Isabelle Rappart and Eric Parent are members of the Centre of young business leaders (CJD), a company leader movement started up in 1938 that brings together 3,300 committed company leaders and executives.

  5. Responsible finance : CMundi has chosen to work with Le Crédit Coopératif, a bank for companies in the social economy: cooperatives, mutual insurance companies, associations, social organizations,…And for its financing, CMundi called on the financing company La NEF, a community financing cooperative company

  6. North-South Solidarity : Climat Mundi finances projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Southern countries. These projects are validated under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in the Kyoto Protocol. Financing is at the level of our own emissions.

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